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This is Synergy...

Synergy! Accounting Featuring the EStore Wizard™ is State of the Art, SaaS "Software as a Service" software designed to assist Product Sales Companies in creating and efficiently managing outstanding and profitable EStore (Internet Marketplace) product listings. 

Whether your target EStore is Amazon, eBay, Walmart, PriceFalls, (see our current list of EStore partners below...we add to it often), or your own ESite (ecommerce website), Synergy! will assist you in generating attractive, top-selling listings for all of your products!

Synergy! features...

  • Fantastic EStore listings with single or multiple items & images
  • Reusable bullet, keyword, & search term lists which are reusable & easily edited
  • User friendly interface for template driven listing changes 
  • Easily added pictures & photos, payment conditions, shipping terms, taxes, etc.

ALL without needing any HTML training or expertise.

Synergy! does all the work for you and keeps you informed of all your activity...

  • Completion of all product listings
  • Complete EStore periodic & on demand posting Updates
  • Comprehensive daily activities summation of all EStore sales & relevant updates including shipment manifests & inventory receipts reconciliation.


OmniChannel eCommerce Solution


More About Synergy!...


Synergy! provides an easy to follow format for entering EStore item titles, descriptions, images, prices - fixed or auction, as well as detailed product specifications. 

You will also find areas to input category selections, payment terms, shipping terms, tax info, etc. making Synergy! the only program needed for most Start-Up and SMB Sellers

Synergy! ensures a match to all required marketplace defaults in each field including size requirements for images. Marketplace requirements are stored in Synergy! and are updated by our team automatically to comply with changing EStore specifications. 


Additionally, Synergy!  features an easy to build and maintain your ID credentials interface for all your designated EStores - including your company's eSite - for efficient, accurate, and SECURE transactions and updates.

Tech support is always available to assist in initial EStore setup if your company requires extra guided assistance. 

Synergy! was built utilizing modern SQL technology resulting in user-receptive, visual interface which can be affordably customized to accommodate your existing branding.

Best yet, Synergy! integrates comprehensive and straightforward EStore Product Management with fully compatible and robust business accounting modules featuring...

  • Accurate & seamless Inventory Management & Requirements Planning
  • Purchasing & Vendor management support
  • Complete UPS, Fedex, & USPS Shipping integration
  • Comprehensive EStore sales tracking & updates
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Robust General Ledger (Banking) functionality.


Synergy! Can Make Your EStore Sales Easy & Profitable...

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